Photo by Victor Roman @  Milo Studios

Photo by Victor Roman @ Milo Studios


If there is a balance between intimate, coffee-shop indie and the groove energy of neo-soul, Ashley Groves is finding it.

A classically trained musician with an affinity for songs of love lost, Ashley’s vocal versatility makes her sound equally at home with the soul singers of R&B and the homegrown folk of Americana. Together with her band of jazz-educated players, she has been playing monthly shows in the Twin Cities area to build recognition and her fan base. She just released her debut album, Bad Idea, in January 2018. Bad Idea showcases the best and worst parts of being in love, from the exciting first sparks of attraction to the despair of love unreturned. Currently, Ashley is working to use the album as a foundation for a successful career and a foothold for further musical innovation.


Ashley has been making music since she was twelve years old, evolving from her early interests in early 2000s pop to acoustic folk, and finally to the neo-soul, R&B-esque sound of Bad Idea. As a writer, she wants to incite listeners to recall memories of pain, loss, hope, and the protection of denial.